Free Colling System
     In Telecom Base Stations, air-conditioning units are still used for cooling. This means unnecessarily large amounts of energy are used for air-conditioning. “Barantech” Free Cooling System provides maximum cooling by consuming low energy. The working principle of the system is very simple. Instead of cooling the hot air, the system makes sure that the heat is transported out and transfers the cold air from outside by using fan. It doesn’t let air-conditioning to run as much as possible. In case of insufficient cooling, FCS turns off and then lets to run the air-conditioning unit. Thus, Free Cooling System ensures significantly energy saving for the customers.
     The use of free cooling offers potential energy savings of up to %90. In this way, the investment cost for this solution - which depends on geographical locations and climate conditions – is frequently paid off within minimum six months and maximum one year merely.
Standard Components
  • FCS 04 Control Unit
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor (for Indoor)
  • Temperature Sensor (for Outdoor)
  • 48V or 24V Fan (up to 400W)
  • Casette Filter (G2/G3)
  • Analog Pressure Sensor
  • User Manual
  • CD (Technical Manual, GUI software)
  • USB Data Cable
Optional Components
Semiconductor Relays – SSR (for Air-Conditioning)
External Alarm Card
External Input Card
External Output Control Card
Digital Pressure Sensor
General Features
  • Ability to run at +24/-48 VDC
  • Proportional Speed Control
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Battery Voltage Indicator
  • Mains Voltage Indicator
  • Instant Fan Power Indicator
  • Instant Air conditioning Power Indicator
  • Ability to drive both AC and DC (EC) fan
  • 16 External Alarm Output (Optional)
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Storing data and parameters
  • Analog-Digital Differential Pressure Sensor
  • Operating external air-conditioning unit and heater
  • Testing sensor conditions frequently during operating time
  • Ability to operate air-conditioning unit/s on by-pass mode in any case of trouble
  • Fan speed data is received from tacho line
  • System protects peripherals (air-conditioning unit&fan) itself in any case of faulty connection
  • 18276 event reports about fan/air-conditioning unit logs for 12 months and amount of power consumptions can be saved in the log memory
  • Menu Access requires passsword
  • System prevents noise problem by using day/night mode
  • Split fuses for main board and fan
  • When fire alarm is active , system shuts down itself
  • There are USB, RS485 and Ethernet inputs for remote and local access
  • Remote Monitoring & Controlling
  • Sending 16 different alarms about the site to the costumer as SNMP traps
  • System reduces maintenance costs with Preventive Maintenance
  • When air-conditioning unit operates inefficiently, system sends Poor Cooling & Heating warnings
  • Humidity & Dew Point Controlling
  • Free Cooling System provides GSM operators to reduce OPEX costs and redeem CAPEX investments in a very short time
Outstanding Features
Barantech Free Cooling System has ability to
  • Send 16 different alarms and minimum 16 different input dry contact informations as SNMP traps in SNMP v1 & v2c formats. (This is optional. User can choose v1 or v2c.)
  • Monitor the system with embedded web interface
  • Monitor and control the system with Graphical User Interface(GUI)
  • Switch dry contact peripherals by using optional output card
  • Receive dry contact status informations by using optional input card
  • Control two air-conditioning units.
  • Save logs and inform customer about poor cooling & heating.
  • Deliver digital filter block information to the control unit which is stetted between 0-500 Pa with %0,1 error rate.
  • Show power consumption of fan & air-conditioner and save these unit’s total power consumption logs.
  • Drive both EC centrifugal & EC axial compact fan between %20 and %100 speed.
FCS System Alarms
Free Cooling System has ability to inform users about the site by using these alarms.
  • high temperature
  • very high temperature
  • low temperature
  • high voltage
  • low voltage
  • poor heating
  • poor cooling
  • 1st mains phase failure
  • 2nd mains phase failure
  • maximum humidity
  • dew point temperature
  • blocked filter
  • no fan power
  • no fan speed (rpm)
Free Cooling Models
Software And Interface
FCSv4 Free Cooling Viewer v1.0
FCSv4 Free Cooling Viewer v1.0 is a third party Windows application. User can easily achieve to manage the FCS system from PC with an interface by using one of the USB, RS485 or Ethernet Connection.
Features - FCSv4 has ability to
  • Remote real time chasing and graphically monitoring
  • Show, change and reset the operating parameters
  • Enable/disable keypad
  • Restart FCS and air-conditioning sytems
  • Switch FCS to bypass mode
  • Erase data in memory
  • Download datas as Excel file. (fan & air-conditioner operating times, temperature curves..)
Usage Areas
     Barantech Free Cooling System is a ventilation system which also ensures system stability and helps user to decrease energy & service costs.
This exclusive system can be used in;
  • Telecom Shelters
  • GSM base stations
  • Radiolink stations
  • Data Centers
  • Satellite Earth Stations
  • (POP) point-of-presence
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial
Free Cooling System can be applied in all type of closed cabinets.
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